Established in 1995 by owners Don and Sarah Marshall, Ridgefield Hydrofarm sits on four acres nestled in beautiful Ridgefield, Washington. Together they have two children, Jake and Ashley. We are a family owned and operated farm that specializes in growing commercial hydroponic produce.

Owner, Don Marshall, wanted to build his own greenhouses after researching about hydroponic farming. After constructing the first greenhouse and planting his first crop, he quickly realized that this was a true passion of his. Over the years, we have added two additional greenhouses and expanded to a larger scale operation.


Why hydroponics?

Hydroponics have been used for decades throughout countries all over the world. This growing method is particularly ideal for the mild temperatures and climate in the Pacific Northwest. Hydroponic crops have very different requirements compared to those grown in a field. From seedlings to harvest, there are daily, weekly, and monthly checklists that must be met in order to maintain a healthy and viable crop. 


The term “hydroponic” means growing plants without soil and instead using a water based, nutrient rich solution as a growing medium in a greenhouse. Water use is more efficient and plants grow 25-30% faster.

Our seeds are planted in rockwool cubes then placed in beds that migrate to a 5000 gallon water tank that circulates 24 hours a day. We then keep a weekly feeding schedule by mixing a nutrient solution and organic fertilizer into the tank which then absorbs into the roots of the plants. While we are not certified by the state as an organic farm, we DO NOT use any sprays or pesticides. 



 Our growing season typically runs from May through October. 

We keep our greenhouses between 68-78 degrees F during the cooler months to keep the plants thriving. In the warmer months, fans are auto controlled to provide cool air circulation throughout the greenhouses. 

Tomato and cucumber plants MUST be pollinated, and often. Without pollination to the flower, the the fruit will not set or grow properly. On a weekly basis, we use an electric hand pollinator on the plants to maintain this process. 


Hydroponic growth systems are very complex with many procedures that must be followed to insure a healthy, productive crop.

We put in the hard work knowing the end result is a product that we are proud to sell.  Each and every tomato and cucumber is hand picked within 24 hours before being sold. You can truly see and smell just how fresh everything is!